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"Mastering the Motorway: A Guide to Smoothly Changing Lanes"

Updated: Mar 28

We all experience challenges and uncertainty on a daily basis, perhaps now more than ever. It can be tough to overcome these challenges if we don’t have the right mechanisms in place to do so.

I recently explained to an athlete that coaching is like a motorway, each lane with cars travelling at specific speeds. Each lane has its own characteristics (often slow, medium, fast) but it is still one complete road heading in the same direction.

Imagine there’s a car in front of you that you need to overtake (in this case Covid-19), so you manoeuvre the car to overtake. You change your driving to adapt to the challenge in front of you. Firstly you look in the mirrors to check what’s around you, select the indicator and when it’s clear you proceed to overtake.

Coaching isn’t too dissimilar to this on a daily basis. For example, an athlete has an issue with their session, maybe they can’t perform certain exercises, then the coach has a decision to make, taking into account all the factors and finding the appropriate means to overcome the athlete’s issues you follow the same method.

We can apply this same strategy to our lives for training around Covid-19, even though it might feel a little different.

So what’s changed as a result of Covid-19?

The environment and variety of equipment available to you….Likely

But what else?

NOTHING ELSE. It’s just 1 thing that has physically changed.


What's the solution you ask?

Here are three things that I have used to ease the stresses and overcome the challenges in front of me:


With so much out there right now, keeping in contact with your clients has never been easier, especially with platforms like Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. More importantly for me, we have training specific platforms like TRAIN HEROIC which is the foundation that I build my business on. I can keep my clients in one place and I can prevent performance drop off.


There are various resources that you extract information to help you do this. A good place to start is your chose disciplines and pick a number of research based articles and run trial and error to assess any implications of prescribing it to your athletes.

Another alternative is to look for webinars from the governing association depending on what country you’re in. They publish a lot of content that you can add to your knowledge armoury.


We forget that building a network of like minded people who understand what you are all about is highly beneficial to your development as a person.

Developing a good one is key and also the existing ones you currently have, you have be very selective as to who you want in your circle of people who add value to your life.

Now you’ll have to leverage your networking capabilities through digital means ie; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc.

You’ll start to discover people are likely to be more responsive due the current situation.

If you just reach out to people who inspire you it will do no harm they are just HUMAN like you.....Send them a message and see what comes of it.

If you want to learn what else you can do to adapt yourself there are many other means to creating a pathway to success.....Feel free to reach out to us.

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