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"Applying the SMART Principles to Your Fitness Journey: Setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound Goals"

Updated: Mar 28

SMART principles are the basis for starting any journey whether it's fitness specific or in general, In short, it's the parameters you put in place to achieve the results/goals you want to reach.

Each time I go into the gym I have these riddling around In the back of my mind through each workout I'm doing.

What are they you ask?

S- Specific

Are your goals specific and do you have the right measures in place that are aligned to it?

M - Measurable

It comes down to the planning methods you use to track your progress. This is normally across Short, Medium, and Long Term parameters.

A - Achievable

Can it be done? Of course, anything is attainable if you want it bad enough.

R - Realistic

Is it something you can realistically say is going to associate with your lifestyle or specific sport that you are training for? Are the training methods in place relevant to that specific sport?

T - Time

Over how long you see yourself completing these goals is important but do not let time be an issue., the goalposts can change as long as you're aware of this.

Ask yourself this question, do you have your principles in place?

It takes 5 minutes to do this but if you want detail then send a message and you’ll receive some examples aligned to your goals!

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