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"5 Tips for Finding Trustworthy and Valued Coaches"

Updated: Mar 28

In an industry that is filled with coaches/trainers of all shapes and sizes, differentiating good and bad can be hard at times.

But a VALUED one can do what others can't, most probably because they've experienced things in the trenches and equipped with the right tools to provide good practice to their athletes/clients on a daily basis.

Yes, this comes with time and experience but it doesn't deter aware from knowing your own worth.

Here is a list of things that VALUED coaches know how to do, and do them well:

Be respectful and value others in their current position

Noticeably the perfect time for us as coaches, observe and be respectful, goes without saying should be done all the time but more so than ever now.

Prepare confidently for job transitions

In an industry with high turnover, the best coaches have the awareness, accountability, and adaptability to roll with the punches whenever it’s time for a new opportunity. It’s time to work on our weaknesses and plan effectively.

Know when to progress you

I have had years of experiencing different scenarios as both an athlete/coach and if I see you can push yourself I will do it as safely and effectively as possible for you achieve your optimal performance.

Create “option value”

Why would you not create options for people and add value? I’m still a human and both my views can be valued in all aspects of life. One of my athletes said “I think he’s a life coach at times without even knowing it” Yes this could be true but this is because of the experiences I’ve lived and everyone is different.

Valued coaches create a secure future

I put myself first by creating the solid financial footing I need to feel safe and sustained over the long term, without feeling stressed about paying the bills, I know that I have attended to my needs. It’s nothing personal, although I love giving advice which excites me, the services I provide don’t come for free.

If you want to learn what it takes to create a 2.0 version of yourself click the link below.

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