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"Mastering the K.I.S.S Principle: How to Keep It Simple and Achieve Success"

Updated: Mar 28

We’ve all heard this acronym but do we actually stick to it.... do you??

Ask yourself this today, have you kept things simple from when you first started coaching/ training?

Time and time again you’ll find you won’t do this there are many reasons for humans they naturally want to evolve, the amount of information you can find on the internet these days is ridiculous, you can find the most obscure information and still keep reading on past that just to complicate things.

Then what happens... we start to overcomplicate things and get muddled up and then question why we haven’t seen the results from what we set out to do in the first.

Bringing you back full circle to my first point, you should of just kept it simple from the start.

Imagine this; one day you wake up and just completed 3 of the same tasks you normally would do just without thinking. How nice would that be? Great right. Well, try implementing that thought process to your work see what happens.

Heres a few tips to slow the process down for you.

When starting out on a new journey, goal or task; keep it simple. There is no need to pick three things at once ie; I want to drop weight, I want to build muscle, I want to get fitter. These are all fantastic choices but realistically you cannot do all at the same time because they have their own individual processes to follow to achieve the optimal outcome.

Utilise the basic tools you need. Our online systems are simple and easy to use, we do the work for you so you don’t need to worry about the planning of either your sessions or your nutrition.

Focus on the clear goal in front of you this makes it far more manageable and you will be able to manage progress from it. Once progress slows down that's when we look to make changes.

This is why we are soo good at managing the processes for you to take the stress and confusion away so you can focus on the end goal!

Your mind will allow you to do the small tasks easier and display positive outcomes if you just keep it SIMPLE!

Try It, you'll see a difference in your work!

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