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"Exploring the Benefits of Cryotherapy in Rehabilitation: The Power of Hot and Cold Therapies"

Rehabilitation, often shortened to "rehab," is restoring someone to health or normal life through therapy, education, and support. 

In building the Strength Connection Performance rehab fundamentals programme we asked ourselves

“If we could look back at what injuries we’ve had over the years, what would we do differently that could combine real life experiences and sports science effectively?”

It's commonly used for recovering from injuries, illnesses, addictions, or other health conditions.

No matter what the stage of your rehab process you’re at, from the first day out of the hospital or having reoccurring issues with previous injuries the common problems that plague Rugby players are:

💫 Intense pressure of WANTING to get back to playing sport too quickly! 

💫 The PATIENCE to follow a steady and consistent process to give you the optimal outcomes.

💫 THE LACK of real world education produced by those at the top of their field.

If none of these apply to you, you can stop reading.

But if not, you'll want to keep reading.

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall and are at the breaking point of giving up?

At Strength Connection Performance we firmly believe that you've experienced these problems repeatedly, had enough, and want the right process in place.

We have the solution! 

The result is Cryobright - Click Here

From you as the individual you can maintain effectively to MOVE, RUN, REHAB

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