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James Corrall - ATHLETE

The fact that my coach took the time to really evaluate my strengths and weakness in relation to my goals and used that information to give me some exercises that help to improve those weaknesses so that I am much better overall.

Constant communication from my coach means that we are on the same page with what my program looks like in the short, medium and long term.


My mobility has improved a lot, this is translating over into stronger lifts,

My feedback is used to create a program that is effective for me and works around my schedule.

Your coach works with you to come up with a program that is achievable for you rather than a cookie cutter program that they send to everyone.


The big one is improved mobility and technique, I’ll never be the same again.

Given the fact that I’m already starting to see results with improvements in my lift technique and starting to increase in weight at rep ranges that I normally would have failed at. It’s a no brainer

Katie Lane - ATHLETE

Working with Tom at SCP for the past year has been a real eye opener for me. Tom has helped strip back my workout schedule and focus on weaker areas. It’s not easy to change from constantly lifting low reps and heavy weights (on an unstructured plan) to then a high volume and more varied plan – we transitioned to this and he explained the benefits I would see. 

SCP has opened me up to so many new exercises that I hadn’t tried before or known how to do, and in fact, these have complimented my Powerlifting training.


Join SCP to become part of a community, and have a coach who will hold you accountable to complete your training schedule, and examine then work on your weaknesses and Using the Train Heroic platform to have SCP program my sessions directly into the app.

Having a training plan that I can see results from on a weekly and monthly basis.


Having a coach I can talk to about my progress, or concerns, and someone who is happy to answer my questions, learning new exercises I haven’t tried before, and my SCP coach explaining why they are in my plan.


Tom’s knowledge and self education is the real ‘strength’ behind SCP, each time I call him he is busy researching new concepts, on conference calls with other coaches, investing his time learning and connecting with like minded people. At the same time, he always makes time for each of us and keeps us all motivated in person and via our SCP group chat.


The confidence I have grown in my training and knowing my coach is behind me 100% of the way.




Jordan Smith - ATHLETE

Training with Tom at SCP has been a pleasure. My goals were catered for within the training, I wanted to put on mass but also get stronger which is quite a niche thing to do.

The training is difficult but isn’t hard enough to make an athlete un-motivated. The coaching is personalised and personal due to regular check ins but I think he's a bit of a life coach without knowing as well he's always offering advice and a helping hand where he can.

Nathan Bell- ATHLETE

Training with Tom at SCP I have gained excellent knowledge and skills to excel in my body and performance.


He possesses lots of knowledge that he puts to good use when coaching.


He also had helped me a lot, in my college years to improve my performance and confidence


Megan Gray - PROTOTYPE

The programmed sessions are challenging, fun and goal specific. The improvements in strength and endurance are definitely seen with each one. Always a feel-good factor after the session is over.

I’m lifting heavier, my form on each exercise has improved and my lung function has improved.


The consistency of each session. And how the sessions come hand in hand with each other.

The thing that put the fears to rest was the reassurance that the exercises were thought about with my ability in mind.

I would tell them about my journey with them so far and to have a chat with them about what they would want to achieve in their fitness journey.


A new fitness focus, a greater support network, a more structured workout.

Life now is settled with a lot more structure with a lot of things in and outside of the gym.

What surprised me the most is what I was actually capable of doing. And continuing to improve in all areas makes me happy.



Lauren Sandford - ATHLETE

If you want strength, confidence, knowledge, and support then choose SCP!


My training schedule is stricter, and my knowledge is better, you have to speak to Tom.


The service they provide is above and beyond. Highly recommend!



Henry Verbi - ATHLETE

Each workout has been tailor-made to suite my goals, leading to genuine improvement in both my strength and my fitness.


The workouts are hard, but wouldn’t want it any other way!

Amy Fines - ATHLETE

I’ve been training with Strength Connection Performance (SCP) for a Couple of months.

I felt like I needed to get back into my running and improve my general strength especially through my knees. I had heard good feedback about SCP.

I have learnt the importance of stretching and mobility training and this has helped me to ease some of the pain I felt before.

The constant contact and the staff are really helpful and friendly (especially Tom).

I would definitely recommend this to someone who might be on the fence, it is worth it and you are very well supported throughout.

What are 3 benefits I’ve experienced as a result, Increased Strength, Increased Mobility and experiencing new exercises that I wouldn’t have thought to do.

My life is bit busier but better!

That there’s always someone there to help and support you whatever time of day.

If i had to describe SCP in 2 words….Rewarding, Motivating!

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