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"Creating Your Ideal Daily Routine: Factors to Consider for Maximum Productivity and Well-being"

Updated: Mar 28

Is there such a thing as a perfect routine?……The Answer Is No!

Rewind 12 weeks ago…..

So I’m writing this from the confines of my own home and not understanding what is happening right now which has raised a lot of uncertainty.

Yes, it is true I don’t know what to do, I don’t have all the answers because I don’t know what is going to happen over the coming weeks. 

Music is playing in the background just to calm my senses and let it sink in that I have bills to pay and I don’t know how they will get paid, where food will come from. 

So I stop, let it sink in and ask myself the following things that I have, I have a roof over my head, I have water to drink and I have food more than a majority of people right now.  

Now let’s be realistic I can’t go hunting like a lion because that’s just ridiculous and illegal for a start, but I can focus on areas that have similar outcomes ie; create new business strategies, new content and generate a new perspective on life, manage the things I have control over most. 

What this will do for me is; 

1. Analyze my strengths and weaknesses in all areas of my life

2. Plan and execute effective business strategies to get ahead of my competition

3. Improve on weaknesses in my training literacy to become a better coach

Now why am I telling you all of this you wonder?

No matter the consequences of situations that are out of your control there’s always positives to come out of negatives, It’s how you let them affect you. 

Here are 3 three things to consider when creating a bulletproof routine that works for you.

1. Keep It Simple

Any routine requires this, although times can be hard the first thing you do naturally is to panic which is a common response. So gather your thoughts and write down how you feel at that time because you’ll start to break down each thought bit by bit. 

Focus on simplifying your days during these tough times is great, you’ll reflect on tasks you would sometimes overcomplicate and become overwhelmed by and it becomes easier believe it or not.

2. Don’t Rush

Now what I mean by this is you’ll probably start to develop some kind of cabin fever and urge to want to do things at a hundred miles an hour, yes I know a bit like the film Top Gun.


Try to build a structured plan for each week ahead, meal prep, daily exercise routine, education, simple lists will be your best friend although the surroundings are the same its good to maintain positives from your days ahead. 

Time is on your side here so pick up a book or listen to a podcast that you haven’t heard or read or have thought about reading that’s been collecting dust for ages, you’ll thank me later. 

You’ll start to build a list of ideas that fit the pace of how you want to work and with this will get to your end goal.

3. Be Realistic

Remember that you are HUMAN, we act as a fuel gauge, running on a full tank is great but when running on fumes we become our own worst enemies.

Staying in the middle of this gauge is usually a good place to be because you can perform well and complete the tasks at hand effectively and not burn out.

There is a wider meaning behind this, naturally as humans we can overload our weeks with tasks, some important, some less, and some gap fillers usually because we can’t think of anything else to do and don’t want to seem like we are doing nothing.

Here’s something to think about, a small win is still a win no matter how big or how small that may be.

Start Building Your Weekly Routine

Evidently there is no right or wrong plan, you have to jump in headfirst and see what you come up with.

If you get stuck on this I’m happy to share some ideas with you so we can piece together what works best for you. 

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