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"Unlocking the Power of Performance Programming: A Guide to Personalization and Effectiveness"

Updated: Mar 28

"Do you know why you're performing the exercises prescribed to you??"

Most will say yeah i do, but the majority will say no, it's ok to not know something.

PROGRAMMING can be seen as a fancy word!

I’m going to let you in on a SECRET! It’s NOT!

In short it’s just a plan you follow to achieve the goals you’ve agreed with your coach.

Yes, it sounds cool because you see it in front of you in all it’s glory all those exercises pieced together in synchronisation its a thing of BEAUTY!

I still to this day get excited when I create new ones, the enjoyment of seeing it completed and ready for an ATHLETE to get started on is something I've worked on is just AMAZING!

Here's something for you to digest

The finished product is just a small part of the process I go through each time.

To give you a clearer picture, when I first started programming sessions, a 4-week block of 5 sessions a week for an athlete took me nearly a day and a half to complete, that's roughly 36 hours, in a year that's 34 total weeks of work. Now let's add that up financially based on £10 an hour, that's £12,240 and we charge on average per programme anywhere between £40-£100. So the cost completely outweighs the time spent going over the methods, how it pieces together. Those 36 of completing your plan and we charge a 3rd of what we know it should be worth. This is why we slog over the sessions to deliver quality that matters.

So next time you start thinking why am i paying £50 you're no where near how much time and knowledge goes into designing your daily/weekly sessions.

Now using the right piece of software and having over 10+ years experience of repetition takes me a lot less that’s for sure taking into multiple variables that include the INDIVIDUAL, SPORT, TRAINING HISTORY.


Yes, you may be thinking why does this matter.

As part of my practice I always address these three following areas to make it easy for you to carry out the plan ;

1. Fit For Purpose

Outcome specific with the correct exercise selection accounting for progressions

By following the FITT protocol (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) this has made my life easier because I have set measures that work and dummy proof in the process.

2️. Individualised to the athlete

By addressing all of the areas in the needs analysis and performance analysis specific to their chosen discipline.

3. Does it synchronise well with the specific outcomes I have agreed with the athlete.

Trial and error prior to delivering the finished article is key to reduce any risk of injury.

Why is this important?

The reason why I’m telling you this is because we prescribe you a plan with exercises that fit our agreed outcomes with you and this is how I have operated and delivered results to many athletes across the years.

If you want LONG TERM, CONSISTENT, RESULTS, be clever with your investment to your health don’t be afraid to ask QUESTIONS!

If you want to learn what else you can do to educate yourself on correct practice.

Click the link below.

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