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"Unpacking the Debate: Are Natural or Artificial Sugars the Superior Source of Energy?"

Updated: Mar 28

An interesting topic of discussion, the majority of us don’t understand which are generally good or bad for you when exercising. I hope after reading this you'll start to see the differences between drinking a liquid vs eating a piece of fruit.

Ask yourself these 2 questions;

1. Would you have something give you more energy over a prolonged period of time?


2. Would you take something that gives you a short spike of energy for a short period of time, then come crashing down not long after?


Artificial sugars do one simple thing, they spike energy levels rapidly which we crave to keep us going through the day but what we don’t think about is the negative impact it has on our body. 

If we look at energy drinks and sweets are they are the most common go to. 

Energy drinks are chemical suicide because the content is soo vastly mixed with preservatives that our body doesn’t know what it’s been hit with and has huge negative impacts on our bodily functions. 

Sugary sweets can also have the same negative impacts but not as heightened as say a can of monster or a bag of Haribo cola bottles. 


Let’s turn the coin, Natural sugars will do the exact opposite, they will still provide you with energy via fructose that provides energy but can actually restore glycogen depletion levels and return it to the status quo. 

Naturally sweet chocolate improves thinking capabilities, no this does not mean consume a whole lump of Cacao rich chocolate. In small quantities, you will see an increased benefit over time. 

Natural sugars contain anti-oxidants, fat burning qualities and healthy vitamins that your body will utilise effectively to give you longer lasting energy responses without negative impacts. 

Here are some sources of energy for you to choose from next time you go to train or compete;





Just remember to mindful when selecting your sugary options, like I always say pick up the phone and speak to a specialist if you’re having problems with your selections.

Food for thought! 

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