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"Building a Strong Foundation: The Importance of Core Stability in Rugby"

Updated: Mar 28

"Hey coach i've heard so many people talk about core stability but what is it? "

The definition of the “core stability” is reflective of the stabilising muscles that work collaboratively to stabilise the trunk.

We hear the terms “brace”, “stabilise” and many others as a reference point.

As a coach, it is important that we define what core muscles are and how they are used in sport, in this instance specifically talking about rugby.

Why is it important?

Greater core stability benefits performance by providing a foundation for enhanced force production in the upper and lower extremities.

Traditional resistance exercises have been modified to emphasise core stability.

Core stability work combined with strength components will improve your performance significantly in all areas of Rugby.

It is evident more so especially in contact areas, Improving core stability can be highly beneficial to improve your tackles, scrummaging and even Lineout jumping.

How do I apply it to my training?

Such modifications have included performing exercises on unstable rather than stable surfaces, performing exercises while standing rather than seated, performing exercises with free weights rather than machines, and performing exercises unilaterally rather than bilaterally.

You can research all the articles under the sun but at the end of the day we all have

Here's a number of beginner exercises we would recommend to increase core engagement;


Bear/Crab Crawls


Stability ball roll outs

Shoulder Taps

Give these a go as a starting point and let me know how you get on. If you want to further progress then reach out to us and lets chat about your journey.

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