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OUr story

Strength Connection Performance was established in 2017 with its core focus of enhancing sports performance for athletes, across varying disciplines, by addressing all strength and conditioning protocols to get ahead of their competition.

Strength Connection has curated relationships with versatile and dynamic athletes across individual and team sports who have excelled, proving we can enhance athlete performance through science based methods.

Strength Connection offers online, and face-to-face, services to athletes using software platforms and science based strength and conditioning methods to enhance performance levels. This has seen tri-athletes, rugby players and powerlifters improve their performance, helping them achieve participation at a higher level as a result.


SCP started life as a small personal training business; educating and teaching individuals across all areas of health and fitness. Now it is recognised as “the athletes choice for performance” across the South East of England, with a team of 6 coaches offering support through every step of the process.

When we start to look at optimal performance rates (ie; anaerobic thresholds, lung capacity, muscular endurance, and recovery) to understand the physical effects and demands each athlete puts their body through in each game and training session, this starts to get very detailed and a lot of statistics are used to identify each and every individual athlete's optimal training level and will go to extreme measures to achieve that extra 1% using science.


Strength Connection Performance use a creative blend of science-based strength and conditioning methods with correct nutrition to achieve optimal performance levels at your fingertips using advanced technology.

From basic training styles all the way up to athlete development programs using a wide array of training styles to achieve the optimal performance levels.

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